Cleanup and Maintenance Services

five(9)s Cleanup Services

Cleanup performs tasks such as:
  • Alert log Cleanup
  • Patch history Cleanup
  • Error scan Cleanup
  • Cleanup of blocked inventory objects
  • Cleanup audit table
  • Cleanup obsolete scheduled queries
  • Cleanup unused task files
  • Remote control log Cleanup
  • Move "Manual Vulnerabilities" to the "Do not scan" group
  • Cleanup report via configurable HTML-based email
  • Enable/Disable Cleanup Scheduler from UI
  • Cleanup-Now Button
  • Cleanup Statistics Information

Further valuable features:

Restart the Ivanti EPM inventory and scheduler service and the IIS at scheduled intervals and set the IP address of clients that haven't delivered a valid inventory for a configurable amount of time to, in order to make life easier for those who do the remote control session.
Option Details
30 days trial

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